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Paradise Punch Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK





Paradise Punch Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK
Buy Paradise Punch Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK Online. Expect a euphoric mental uplift that provides relief from stress and anxiety. Under pressure? Blow off some steam with Paradise Punch.
Dosing & Psychoactivity

65.7% THC

Full spectrum cannabis concentrate
This delightfully balanced sativa hybrid has a berry delicious vibe finely tuned to the intergalactic frequency of chill.

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1X 500mg @ £45.00 = £45.00, 2 X 500mg @ £42.75 = £85.50, 5 X 500mg @ £40.50 = £202.50, 10 X 500mg @ £38.25 = £382.50, 20 X 500mg @ £36.00 = £720.00


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Weight 0.5 g Cannabis Type sativa Type of Product pax era vape pod Strain Jack Herer THC % 79.00%
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