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Buy Strawberry CBD E-liquid 600mg UK

Flavour: Strawberry
Brand: Harmony
Amount: 10ml




Buy Strawberry CBD E-liquid 600mg UK
Buy Strawberry CBD E-liquid 600mg UK Online.  The CBD is taken in by your body very quickly. This E-liquid contains no nicotine. This e-liquid is suited for every electronic cigarette on the market.

Usable in every universal E-cigarette
10 ml bottle
600 mg certified premium CBD
Nicotine free
Made of organic hemp
Does not contain THC
Child-proof lock
PG/VG: 80/20 for the best vaping experience

Legal in almost the entire EU
CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC, and is therefore legal in almost EU countries. Do you want to bring the e-liquid on your holidays? We advise checking its legality in the country of destination.

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1 10ml @£55.00 = £55.00, 2 10ml @£49.50 = £99.00, 5 10ml @£46.75 = £233.75, 10 10ml @£40.15 = £401.50, 20 10ml @£35.75 = £715.00


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